Qatar oil deal to help rebels meet needs

April 02, 2011, Saturday/ 17:35:00

Qatar will provide fuel, medicine, food and other humanitarian needs to rebels as part of a deal to market oil from rebel-held eastern Libya, a top rebel finance official said on Friday.

“The Qataris agreed they would market crude oil for us, and we would put the money in an escrow account. We will receive what we need in fuel, medicine, food and humanitarian needs from them,” Ali Tarhouni told a news conference. “Our demands are simple and clear, our top priority is lifting the sanctions that stop us exporting our oil,” he said, adding that the issue of lifting sanctions had been raised with a visiting UN envoy, Abdelilah al-Khatib. He also said rebels had set up a “quasi-ministry of oil” and oil staff were now working under that body or for the east-based Arabian Gulf Oil Company, which has said it has cut ties with its parent, state-ow-ned National Oil Corp.

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