Iraq says historic Kuwait visit delayed

September 08, 2008, Monday/ 17:50:00
Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheik Nasser al-Mohammad al-Sabah will visit Iraq after Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, an Iraqi government official said on Sunday."Sabah and Nouri al-Maliki, his Iraqi counterpart, will discuss reparations for Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990, debts, and efforts to improve relations between the one-time enemies," said Yasin Majid, media advisor to Maliki. The visit, which would mark the first high-level Kuwaiti delegation in Baghdad since Iraq under former president Saddam Hussein invaded the tiny Gulf state, had been planned for this week, but was delayed on Sunday, Majid said. This year, Ramadan concludes around the end of September. A source in Sabah's office had earlier said the Kuwaiti prime minister was not planning a trip to Iraq, but no officials were able to confirm if a trip would take place after Ramadan. As Iraq seeks to rebuild after five years of bloodshed, its government is hoping for reconsideration of the percentage of its oil exports earmarked for a Geneva-based fund set up to settle post-conflict damage claims from the invasion of Kuwait. Iraq was driven out of Kuwait in 1991 by a US-led coalition. Baghdad Reuters
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