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‘Özal’s death would be Watergate-like scandal if investigated’

21 October 2010, Thursday /TODAY’S ZAMAN
Former President Turgut Özal’s brother Korkut Özal has said his brother was killed by an organization that reaches as far as the Çankaya presidential palace.

Korkut Özal puts forward sensational allegations in his book, which is to be released soon. Titled, “Devlet Sırrı” (State Secret), the book includes memories of Turgut Özal, who allegedly died due to a heart attack, and begins with a short story about the Özal family. The Bugün daily yesterday published excerpts from the book.

“If this incident [Özal’s death] is investigated, it will be a scandal similar to Watergate, which led to the resignation of US President [Richard] Nixon,” Özal says in his book.

“They put a man at Çankaya and killed him. Who gave the day off to the doctors and nurses at the palace? It must be investigated. There is a large organization, reaching up to the palace,” Özal claims.

Suspicious deaths and unsolved murders entered Turkey’s agenda after retired admiral Atilla Kıyat said, “Murders were a state policy between 1993 and 1997.” After Kıyat’s remarks, Özal’s older son, Ahmet Özal, alleged that his father was poisoned. The wife of the deceased, Semra Özal, also alleged that her husband did not die of a heart attack, as official records say.

Brother to the late President Turgut Özal, Korkut, in his soon-to-be-released book claims that if his brother’s death is investigated, it would turn into a scandal similar to Watergate, which led to the resignation of US President Richard Nixon. He thinks President Özal was killed by the shadowy organization named Ergenekon

Korkut Özal argues in the book that Ergenekon, a shadowy criminal network accused of working to overthrow the government as well as assassinating prominent figures in the country, murdered former Prime Minister Adnan Menderes and Özal. “A secret organization has been revealed in Turkey. The killers of Menderes and Özal are under control of this organization called Ergenekon. It is believed that Ergenekon poisoned Turgut Bey. It is remarkable that doctors and nurses were off on that day [when Özal died]. I do not know the mechanism in the palace. It is interesting that there were no doctors in the palace of a diseased president who had undergone open hearth surgery.”

“With Turgut Bey’s death, so many things have changed in Turkey that one age closed and another opened. After he died, Turkey became a swamp,” he notes in the book.

Korkut Özal also claims that the late president knew who would perpetrate an assassination against him and told him the name.

“After some years, I informed the [then] State Security Court [DGM] about that name [Erol Simavi]. The name was later leaked to the press. … What is real is that his death was not normal. It is clear that they poisoned my brother.”

‘Demirel made use of Özal’s death’

Korkut Özal further claims in the book that former President Süleyman Demirel made use of Özal’s death and carried out works to affect Turkey. “I think Demirel is still into something. Those who governed the country from 1993-2000 used their power for themselves,” he claims.

Korkut Özal also notes that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) must step in to change the current corrupt system. “What they must do is to bring a democratic state that serves its people and protects them. But there is a certain establishment against them, including the opposition party [the Republican People’s Party (CHP)],” he adds. In the meantime Turgut Özal’s chief bodyguard, Musa Öztürk, testified to an İstanbul court over the allegations concerning Özal’s death.

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