17 April 2014, Thursday
Today's Zaman

On the developments in Kyrgyzstan
Affinity and Culture Society of Kyrgyzstan

We are extremely saddened by the recent developments in our country, Kyrgyzstan.

Two sister nations have been made to confront each other and shed blood as a result of well-planned provocations and plots designed and executed in a very professional way. These two nations have lived together as brothers and sisters throughout our history and shared the same homeland and culture.

It has been an additional sorrow for us to see that some media outlets both in Turkey and abroad have been reflecting these events somewhat differently as to how they really are in a rather one-sided discourse. It is in no way true to describe these events as genocide or ethnic conflict; approaching the unrest as such does not provide any solution and is manifest proof that those who assume so have been taken in by the provocateurs. Armed conflicts took place in downtown Jalal-Abad and Osh, where the provocations were staged. In the Nookat, Uzgen and Aravan districts of Osh, Kadamjay in Batken, where there is a dense Uzbek population, and in some regions of Jalal-Abad, there has not been any record of conflict or fight, and this only shows that all the bloodshed was a result of failing to remain firm against incitement. Both nations have been deeply affected, and there are casualties on both sides.

An article published on June 17, 2010, in Today’s Zaman was far from reflecting the truth about the unrest, both in its headline and content. The Kyrgyz citizens in Turkey and the entire Kyrgyz nation have been more deeply hurt by the fact that this article appeared in a newspaper that is notable for its principle of having an objective approach.

We pray for the lives lost, wish a speedy recovery to the wounded and patience for both of our sister nations.

We pray that the solidarity between these two sister nations may last forever in peace and that they do not fall prey to incitement again. We hope that days of peace and serenity come and bring bliss to our country.

Affinity and Culture Society of Kyrgyzstan

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