Bardakoğlu calls on human kind to rediscover Quran

The “Quran and Scientific Truths” conference organized by the journal Yeni Ümit (New Hope) over the weekend hosted a wide range of renowned intellectuals who discussed the relationship between the Quran and science.

June 28, 2010, Monday/ 17:56:00
Religious Affairs Directorate President Ali Bardakoğlu has called on people to discover the worth of the Quran, which teaches humankind the purpose of life.
Speaking at the opening of a two-day conference, titled “Quran and Scientific Truths” and held in İstanbul, Bardakoğlu told a large audience on Saturday how significant the teachings of the Quran are for all human beings.

“Thanks to the Quran, we noticed that we were not created coincidentally. We were created as part of a great cause, a great target. For that, we discovered our history and our past. We realized that we are children of Adam and Eve, that God created us for an important cause and that we are bestowed with many blessings. We internalized that our lives flow towards a divine peace and that the lives we live are a trial for our souls. The Quran is a rope of salvation the Creator of the universe handed to us. God sent us wisdom and foresight. He opened the book of the universe before us and sent the prophets so that we can think and find ourselves and our Creator,” he said in his address.

Religious Affairs Directorate President Ali Bardakoğlu

The conference, held over the weekend and organized by the monthly journal Yeni Ümit (New Hope), hosted a wide range of renowned intellectuals and academics who discussed the relationship between the Quran and science. Among them were Islamic scholars Professor Mohamed Rateb Nabulsi (Syria), Professor Zaghloul El-Naggar (Egypt) and Professor Suat Yıldırım (Turkey).

Nabulsi said Muslims should feel the responsibility of representing their faith wherever they go and act properly to be good examples. “The world believes in science and we have to give our message with it. Most of those who become Muslim in the West choose Islam after seeing Quran’s scientific approach. If we can represent our religion accurately, we will revitalize Islam,” he said.

Yıldırım, who also spoke at the conference, said the Quran and science are not mutually exclusive but in fact represent complimentary outlooks. “There are passages in the Quran related to modern scientific issues. That they are there indicates that the Quran is a guide for all times. The kind of scientific approach the Quran teaches is unique -- namely, that once we understand God, we will understand the essence of all truths,” he added.

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