Why haven’t you died, Karayılan?

June 21, 2012, Thursday/ 17:09:00


Some say “They lived by the sword, died by the sword,” of the terrorists killed by the military after Tuesday’s terrorist attack. They say the terrorists took the risk of being killed when they joined the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

But I want to draw attention to another fact. We all know that PKK terrorists, on average, die within three to six years joining the PKK. They die either by being the target in military operations, from diseases caused by the difficult conditions at PKK bases, or because of executions within the PKK. But the question is why senior militants Murat Karayılan and Bahoz Erdal have not died. Why is death always the fate of ordinary militants? All PKK members are campaigning for PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan’s to be transferred to house arrest, but why has no campaign been launched about the mass deaths of militants? Why do PKK members’ parents tolerate the fact that their children are going to die soon?