Who pushed Öcalan aside?

July 05, 2012, Thursday/ 17:58:00


The meeting between independent deputy Leyla zana and the prime minister was critical.

But I don’t think the meeting will change anything serious because Zana acted independently from the Kurdistan Workers’ party (PKK) and the peace and Democracy Party (BDP), and it is clear that a Zana who does not represent the PKK or the BDP, even though she individually represents the will for peace, does not have the political power for such a peace initiative. Also, according to a recent news report, PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan sent a letter to the Justice Ministry, asking him not to be allowed to see his lawyers. If this news report is true, then Öcalan admits that he also does not have the power to negotiate or bargain on behalf of the PKK. And it means that there is no point in the state negotiating with an Öcalan who has no power over the PKK. Now I wonder if the terrorist organization convinced Öcalan to remain out of the PKK’s leadership by promising him house arrest.