Was it an accident?

July 13, 2012, Friday/ 17:19:00

Could it be an accident that a Turkish jet was downed by Syria last month? It is rather a technical issue whether the jet was shot down in Syrian airspace or international airspace or whether it fell in Syrian waters or international waters.

Ankara has made very definite statements regarding the issue from the very beginning. Turkey has, in a way, set the world on fire with its definitive statements. Of course we are supposed to believe these statements rather than those offered by Syria or any foreign newspaper. However, the phrase “the Turkish military jet that is alleged to have been downed by Syria” that was used in a recent statement by the General Staff is as confusing as the war games in the eastern Mediterranean that we have witnessed over the last three months. Could it really be “an accident” when Syria sees such conflict, when the civil war in Syria is having effects across the region, when international diplomacy is so focused on the region and when excessive power struggles are being seen in the eastern Mediterranean?