Turkish press review

August 06, 2012, Monday/ 10:46:00

On Monday Turkish dailies covered a Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) attack in southeastern Turkey that left eight dead, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s expected visit to Turkey next weekend and the announcement of the Supreme Military Council’s (YAŞ) decision to retire 40 military officers currently detained on coup plotting and/or terrorism charges.

“We are under fire” the Vatan daily headlined regarding a PKK attack that left six soldiers and two village guards dead at a military outpost in the southern province of Hakkari late on Saturday. The daily added that PKK ambushed the Geçimli military outpost with 150 operatives from three separate locations. Regarding the most recent attack, the Sabah daily quoted Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as saying, “[Syrian President Bashar] al-Assad is supporting the PKK.” The prime minister added that it was obvious who was supporting the organization and that PKK operatives, particularly those who were supported by Assad, were trying to infiltrate Turkey.

Several Turkish dailies also covered US Secretary of State Clinton’s expected visit to Ankara next Saturday. The Türkiye daily ran a headline that read “Surprise visit,” and stated, “Hillary Clinton will be in Turkey on Aug. 11 for bilateral consultations with the Turkish government on the ongoing conflict in Syria.” The daily added that according to diplomatic sources the intention of the visit was to devise a plan to deal a final blow to Assad’s regime in Syria.

Another story that was widely covered in the Turkish press was the announcement of YAŞ’s decisions following this year’s meeting. The council’s four-day meeting ended on Aug. 4, and a decision was made to force all 40 military officers presently detained on coup plotting and/or terrorism charges to retire. Vatan said the families of the officers in question were furious following the council’s announcement.

* The Anatolia news agency does not verify these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.