Turkish citizens prepare their constitution

May 10, 2012, Thursday/ 17:18:00

I have tried to explain this issue countless times. The adjective “Turkish” that we use when we say “Turkish citizens” or Turkish state” is not an ethnic description. It is only a word to describe a superordinate identity or the limits of citizenship.

We, as the people living in the lands of the Turkish state, share an identity of “Turkish Republic citizenship”; then the majority of us share an identity of “Turkish citizens”; and then comes a much narrower identity of “Muslim citizens.” Only the first is our superordinate identity, while the rest are sub-identities. And these sub-identities can never constitute reasons to discriminate against people in a democratic state. It should never be forgotten that the new constitution that is being drafted belongs to the “Citizens of the Turkish Republic.” So there must be a consensus reflecting all these citizens’ features, demands and expectations.