Türkeş and the presidential system

May 17, 2012, Thursday/ 17:47:00


Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) founder Alparslan Türkeş used to argue that the Republican Senates [founded after the 1960 military coup] should be abolished and that only Parliament should exist.

Then, former President Turgut Özal put forward the idea of switching to a presidential system. The reason I say this is to show that because the systems we have in place now mostly do not function well and, even when they do, a military coup can ruin everything, political figures will always suggest a change in the system according to the times and circumstances. In the same vein, I interpret today’s discussions on the adoption of a presidential system as efforts to seek a better system, which is largely thought to be the presidential system considering today’s circumstances. However, I think that instead of throwing a 100-year-old system away, we should discuss ways to improve the parliamentary system. According to my political philosophy, improving the current system should come before wholly changing it.