The home schooling issue

February 27, 2012, Monday/ 17:14:00


The dispute over the allegation that home schooling is becoming widespread is meaningless. Admittedly, with the help of this dispute, we have seen that many people who call themselves supporters of freedom, in fact, support a system of compulsory education and they are against home schooling.

If I had a polling company, I would conduct extensive research and ask parents, “Would you send your children to school if there was not a system of compulsory education?” Then we would see what percentage of the total population sends their children to school because they are forced to by the state. And about the home schooling issue -- I have tried home schooling with my own son. We decided to give him home schooling and we have seen enough to realize it is not a simple thing. Only families that have given much time to educational and psychological matters, and can devote all their time to their children, can properly home school their children. Home schooling requires a full commitment and much effort. In order to maintain this, we must first acknowledge the significance of education as a society. When we get rid of the system of compulsory education and regard education as a responsibility to ourselves and not the state, then we can discuss home schooling.