The country of conspiracies

April 22, 2011, Friday/ 16:44:00

Finally, common sense won out, and the Supreme Election Board (YSK) was provided with the missing documents that will pave the way for the independent candidates running in the elections.

 In spite of that, acts of violence continued in some places and a citizen died in Bismil after being shot in the chest. Although a solution was found to the problem, the trap of violence continued. The BDP also took part in this conspiracy, and [the party’s co-chairman] Selahattin Demirtaş cancelled his appointment with President Abdullah Gül late Thursday. The BDP has now adopted a position that has been upset by the YSK’s change of attitude. President Gül is a politician who has exerted efforts for a solution to the Kurdish issue since the first day of the AK Party government. He has done his best to find a solution to this issue during his presidency as well. Demirtaş’s cancelling his appointment with Gül is a sign that he is in favor of deadlock rather than solution. This is also a sign of confusion within the BDP.