The CHP’s weakest point

April 26, 2012, Thursday/ 17:15:00


In the same way that Turkey’s weakest points in the international arena are the issues of the deportation of Armenians during the Ottoman era and the assimilation and alleged eradication of Kurds, the Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) weakest point is its past efforts to remove religion from daily life.

Just like Turkey tries to avoid facing up to its past mistakes, the CHP tries hard to avoid facing up to the atrocities the CHP committed during the single-party period. The single-party period, led by the CHP, was a period when the Turkish community were forced to modernize. This is what the CHP urgently needs to confront: its mentality that opposes our society’s basic values. The party should question how long it can expect support from the majority of people as long as it does not mend its problematic relationship with religion. This is why the prime minister has mentioned the atrocities of the single-party period in each of his recent speeches, and this is why the CHP leader has nothing to say to defend his party against the prime minister’s attacks.