Soldiers not the only coup perpetrators

May 17, 2012, Thursday/ 17:46:00

I have been trying to underline and draw attention to two points about the coup probes. The first is that I find it wrong to detain only military officers in these probes, excluding the role of media and businesses in the coups.

 The second point I want to make is that despite the investigations into the coups the military tutelage will return unless a more democratic ground is established with the new constitution that is currently being drafted. Of course, it is an important step for Turkey to be able to try high-ranking generals, but what about those civilians with a pro-coup mentality like that of 1980 coup leader Gen. Kenan Evren who are walking freely, outside of prisons? This mentality is far more dangerous than military officers not being punished, and it is what should be transformed and changed. I am not saying military officers should not be tried; I just worry the military is paying the price for hundreds of others. The coup actors are not only military officers.