Shifting the blame in Syria

April 12, 2012, Thursday/ 17:22:00

I wish that Turkish media outlets would interpret the developments in Syria better. When talking about the conflict in Syria, many draw a parallel between the conflict in Syria and the invasion of Iraq [by the US] and they create a theory that says those invading Iraq want to invade Syria now and they want to use Turkey for this aim. …

This is the easy way of easing our conscience: When we see brutality and injustice going on in a country, we tend to project blame onto others by creating such theories. And when no country other than ours seems to be prepared to intervene in the conflict, our people try to prevent the government from taking action against the oppressors. The pains and screams of oppressed people will cease some day, just as they did in the Halabja poison gas attack [in Iraqi Kurdistan in 1988] and others. But will our conscience be eased?