Şensoy’s resignation

December 12, 2009, Saturday/ 17:36:00
It was after we arrived in Mexico City that we received word of the resignation of Turkish Ambassador to the US Nabi Şensoy. While it came as a surprise to us, those keeping closer tabs on the US capital said it was actually expected. The ostensible reason behind this resignation was a protocol crisis that occurred in connection with the Erdoğan-Obama meeting. While Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu may choose to remain silent on the matter, the insiders’ view of the matter is that it was Şensoy’s style that opened the way to the crisis. At the same time, though, the shared assessment of insiders in both the Turkish and American capitals is that this latest crisis was simply the “final straw” in many ways. It is known that there were many other low-level crises before this latest one. And of course, no one is saying this directly, but it could also be said that there were also some other details surrounding the prime minister’s trip to the US which acted as triggers.