Russia’s role

July 02, 2012, Monday/ 18:12:00

Russia has a critical role in the Middle East due to its advanced air defense systems in Iran and Syria.

And it might have played a role in our downed military jet incident, which hurt and devastated all of us. As a matter of fact, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced some days ago that Russia has independent data and information regarding our downed jet and that it is ready to share it with Turkey. This is most probably information and data obtained from active Russian radars in Syria and from the alarm systems and other systems in Tartus. But it is clear that if Lavrov weren’t sure about the credibility of this data, he wouldn’t be talking with this much certainty and confidence. And this indicates that Russia is definitely going to play a role in the developments regarding our downed jet. We keep saying that we do not want to have other countries involved in this crisis, but they are involved whether we like it or not. And it seems that Iran will be involved too in the very near future. Ignoring these facts will get us nowhere.