Right points Westerwelle made

May 16, 2012, Wednesday/ 16:46:00


Yesterday, we heard one of the most encouraging speeches about the relationship between Turkey and Europe from German Foreign Affairs Minister Guido westerwelle.

While sharing his views on turkey’s bid to enter the EU, he talked of Turkey’s increasing political and economic importance in its region and described Turkey as a “power elite” in the region. This description reflects the view of many European leaders, yet no one has ever dared to express this view out loud until Westerwelle. He also predicted that the elections in Europe will affect Turkey positively. He must have primarily been thinking of the recent French election; however, he must know something that we don’t know about the upcoming elections in Germany, too. Ankara should lend its ears to Westerwelle’s views and foresight for he has hinted at the views of most European leaders.