Press Roundup

Press Roundup

(PHOTO: CİHAN, Fatih Karakılıç)

May 15, 2012, Tuesday/ 17:05:00

Student members of a club founded by the Kimse Yok Mu charity visit a nursing home once every two months, giving the elderly presents and kissing their hands -- an act of respect.

Star: One of the daily’s front-page stories covered an interview with Mustafa Erdoğan, the founder and artistic director of the dance company Anadolu Ateşi. Commenting on the government’s plan to privatize theaters, Erdoğan said the government should continue providing support for theaters. “But on the other hand, theater actors should get out of their own worlds. They cannot both receive the government’s support and various salaries from acting in TV series. It is not fair to do so. They should be more appreciative of the government,” he said.

Yeni Şafak: “The cease-fire’s toll: 1,133 opposition members killed,” read the headline of a front-page story reporting that since Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accepted a peace plan proposed by UN envoy Kofi Annan in March, 1,133 people from opposition groups have been killed by forces loyal to Assad. The daily also reported that 36 people have been killed in clashes over the last two days. Annan’s six-point plan includes a cease-fire, the deployment of observers and free access for journalists and humanitarian aid; however, it has not changed anything yet, the daily said.

Sabah: “He is the only one left,” said the daily in the headline of its main story. The daily published a photo which it had recently obtained and which was taken in June 2002, showing senior Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leader Murat Karayılan together with 18 other PKK members. The story said 16 of them have died but that Karayılan is still living in the Kandil Mountains of northern Iraq. The daily said 13 of the members were killed in clashes with soldiers, while three were executed within the organization. One of the members is missing and the other is in jail, the daily claimed.