Mrs. Clinton and the ‘beautiful American’

March 10, 2009, Tuesday/ 16:47:00


I have no doubt that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a boost to the American image in Turkey, an image that has been tainted a bit lately. It is clear that Clinton herself is a warm and positive person.
But what is she like as a person? Here is an answer from Professor Ahmet Davutoğlu, who participated in all the meetings that took place with Clinton: "Mrs. Clinton has attained a great amount of political experience, first as a ‘first lady,' then as a senator and then as a candidate in the presidential elections. She has always been very interested in foreign policy. She knows the issues. Her strength is derived not from her surname, but from her own character and experience. The fact that she is personally quite open to communication is very significant." There is no doubt that a warm temperament and a mentality not frozen into a certain ideological framework are good signs for better Turkish-American relations in the coming period. Bush, with his hawkish and exclusive policies, was a symbol of the "ugly American" concept.