Leftist Muslim?

May 08, 2012, Tuesday/ 17:11:00


May 1 [Labor Day] celebrations were marked by a group called “Anti-capitalist Muslims.” First, I have to say that I met the group with sympathy, not because I agree with their views but because I support the efforts of mingling leftists, who are wrongly thought to be distant from religion, with religious people, who are, in the same way, though to be distant from the left wing.

Some Muslim writers started to argue whether a Muslim can be an anti-capitalist, leftist or liberal. I say yes to all of these. We should approach Islam as a belief, not an ideology or cultural identity after all. And the terms leftist, rightist, liberal, socialist and anti-capitalist are the expressions of one’s stance towards problems and possibilities created by the emergence of industrial communities. Of course it is natural to see Muslims adopting their own stance as industrialization and social stratification increase in our country.