Journalism and nationalism

December 27, 2011, Tuesday/ 16:59:00


We journalists always repeat the motto “5W1H” (what, when, who, why, where and how), which aims to inform readers about all the details.

I am opposed to some journalists who say, “I won’t publish an interview that is made with senior Kurdistan Workers’ Party [PKK] leader Murat Karayılan,” by arguing on the grounds of the same motto I mentioned above. Is it not my right to hear about the aims of the PKK from a PKK member himself? Avoiding interviews in fear of “propagandizing for the terrorist organization” is kind of a cowardly attitude. Then we should quit journalism and read Anatolia news agency reports. Briefly, an interview with Karayılan is something to be published, in my opinion. But it is commonly accepted knowledge that media outlets in Turkey do not care to be impartial; they give a nationalist tone to every news report. For example, there was a recent news report with the headline “How could a father do this.” The report said a father forced his daughter, who had fled from a PKK camp, to surrender to the PKK. If we are not surprised at a father forcing his son to perform his military duty, then we should not be surprised at this, either.