It is good that it is early

June 28, 2012, Thursday/ 16:49:00

The system of specially authorized courts is an extraordinary system and it is a system that should be avoided in principle. The reason for the emergence of these courts is the shortcomings and weak points of our judicial system.

When the Ergenekon terrorist organization trials were about to start, it was clear that the judicial system at the time would present difficulties, and so the system of specially authorized courts was set up as a temporary solution. There have been many failures that led to criticism, and today the government thinks we no longer need these courts. It is as simple as this. yet strong opposition to the government’s plan to abolish these courts emerged as soon as the plan was announced. The main reasoning behind this opposition is that these courts should not be abolished before ongoing trials end. Yet now that we have come this far in the trials and strong evidence has come out to reveal cruel plots, no one will let these trials be forgotten.