How many more babies should die?

March 07, 2012, Wednesday/ 17:01:00/ ERHAN BAŞYURT

Atrocities carried out by the [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad] regime continue to grow. Diplomatic reactions and warnings from the other countries have been weak and nothing solid to deter Assad from this atrocity.

What we see in Syria reveals three sad truths. The first one is that the UN, which is responsible for providing and sustaining international peace, has structural deficiencies. The second truth is that unfortunately the Islamic world is still very far from having the capability to solve its own problems. The third one is that the so-called arab Spring is slowly turning into an Arab winter. Here are Egypt, Libya and Yemen. These countries need to wait many more years until they reach political and economic stability. Western countries are giving these countries new faces. It is not to render them different or more democratic countries. The only thing the Western countries want is to make these Arab countries feel different, yet remain the same.