Headscarf issue, again

February 26, 2012, Sunday/ 18:03:00

“The sister in the media” [Ayşenur Arslan, host of the show “Medya Mahallesi” (Media Neighborhood)], has been making the same statements every day on a bill to extend compulsory education from eight years to 12.

She has been saying “they are putting forward only two options: to force girls to receive home schooling and to force girls to wear headscarves.” And people with a similar mentality go and say veterans like professor Türkan Saylan would turn over in their graves if they saw this. They say the “Haydi Kızlar Okula” (Come on girls, let’s go to school) campaign has changed into “Come on girls, let’s stay at home.” Is this really so? For one thing, why don’t they say that the religious people who are allegedly against girls getting an education have been saving every penny to send their daughters abroad for an education. I wish for once that we could discuss a bill without making it a victim of our political ambitions.