Getting regional leader out of quicksand

August 08, 2012, Wednesday/ 15:59:00

I have recently read two foreign articles on two unrelated subjects on Turkey. However, both claim the same argument: Turkey cannot realize its aim of becoming a regional leader with its current “Kurdish policy.”

This is what I have been saying and writing for months; that is, the ruling party needs to -- or rather has to -- change its approach to Turkey’s Kurdish issue not only for the sake of its territorial integrity, but also for the sake of its Middle East policies. I must admit that my hopes that the ruling party has the ability to handle such a change are vanishing more by the day. You can say how bad an organization the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is or how resorting to armed struggle for regaining rights is not right in your party group speeches as much as you want. But it doesn’t change the reality that the ruling party is on a dead-end street regarding its Kurdish issue policy and it is like trying to move in quicksand.