Foreign policy scorecard on Syria

July 16, 2012, Monday/ 17:07:00

Many people continue to criticize Turkey’s Syria policy, complaining that Turkey is acting too carelessly and is in too much of a rush, even though people continue to die at the hands of a ruthless dictator, and that dictator’s ability to massacre more and more of his own people is exhibited clearly.

But factors taken into consideration by these critics are nothing but the potential profits and damages that may ensue for Turkey. I think any profit obtained as a result of the Syrian crisis is better not obtained at all. And when those critics feel like they cannot defy Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whose lies and actions have become unsustainable, they resort to attacking Turkey’s foreign policy, saying that the policy is a failure and that there is no neighboring country we do not have problems with. But I must ask: Did Turkey have a good relationship with any country 10 years ago that it has a problem with today?