Foreign actors

October 13, 2008, Monday/ 17:53:00
Foreign actors are always very careful while conducting their operations against us in order not to let us perceive their operations as a threat to us coming from them. In this way, these actors can maintain their good relations with us. Officials who do not have any connections with those foreign actors serve them without even being aware of it. The outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) is a terrorist organization established by domestic actors in Turkey. The foreign actors wanted to take control of this organization rather than abolishing it and each power center has captured a different branch of the PKK or established new organizations that seem to be parts of the PKK. While analyzing this issue I am having difficulties and I have gotten a little scared. This is because I know very well that these foreign actors do not tolerate good and genuine analysis, I know this from experience. The biggest representatives of Turkish media, not the marginal media organs, have been used in the framework of the operations conducted by these foreign powers.