Every state claims to be powerful

June 26, 2012, Tuesday/ 16:30:00


There are many examples of how a superpower can weaken because of wrong decisions. Lyndon Johnson, for instance, was the architect of the most comprehensive civilian rights act in US history.

He aimed to end racial discrimination in the country, to grant all US citizens health insurance and to provide equal education for everyone. Yet, US generals, particularly William Westmoreland, convinced Johnson that they could easily defeat the guerillas in north Vietnam and that this victory would add more to the US’s power. Johnson ended up focusing on fighting against the Vietnamese rather than on his advanced legal projects. This was how this visionary politician was destroyed by a few war-addicted generals. A similar situation can describe Turkey today. A group of people propagandizing for starting a war is about to draw Turkey into a war with Syria. However, successful politicians are the architects of peace, not war.