Europe at fork in the road

May 10, 2012, Thursday/ 17:17:00/ SEDAT LAÇİNER

The crisis in the eurozone has been reshaping politics as well. As increasing unemployment and decreasing purchasing power topple governments one by one, [European] societies, which have been uneasy for some time, have started to come up with easy solutions instead of adopting bitter-yet-necessary measures.

Many European governments have adopted the strategy of putting the blame on foreign migrants in order to gain more votes. Behind the rising power of the far right in European politics is this strategy of taking the easy way out rather than seriously tackling the problem. They prefer blaming Tunisian, Algerian or Turkish people living in their countries rather than questioning themselves, their failing politicians and false economic policies. However, with recent elections, Europe is at a fork in the road that will eventually affect us a great deal. Will the far right continue to rise, or will the threat of the far right in power lead Europeans to a different destiny?