Erdoğan to say ‘Big Turkey’

September 04, 2010, Saturday/ 15:39:00
Erdoğan’s visit to Diyarbakır is an important milestone in the referendum process; moreover, it has become critical for the upcoming period.Since public surveys show “yes” and “no” votes as running neck and neck, participation levels in the referendum will play a determining role in the results. By trying to prevent people from the Southeast from going to the ballot boxes on referendum day, the BPD is making a show of power. The issue that interests me is how the region’s pulse will beat on the morning of Sept. 13. If the underlying problem is Turkey having a unitary structure, the referendum result does not concern me much. This is one of Turkey’s most pressing problems. The BDP gives much importance to boycotting the referendum because of destructive policies that were in force in recent times as well as the party’s long-term strategies. It sees the boycott as a first step. I will listen to Erdoğan’s speech in Diyarbakır in an effort to search for hope for my country. I am more curious about what he will say to protect our unity and solidarity than what he will say about the referendum.