Doctors’ fear is our fear

April 23, 2012, Monday/ 17:02:00

A new type of violence has emerged with the death of a cardiothoracic surgeon at the hands of the grandson of one of his late patients.

Although this incident had nothing to do with Ministry of Health regulations, the Turkish Doctors Union (TTB) organized a protest against the ministry and its regulations. They said they are afraid [that similar incidents will take place in the future]. Should they be afraid? They should be afraid as much as we should be. It is because of how the media writes about these types of incidents. There has been a trend of writing about every tragedy involving women, for example. Think about your reaction to a headline like “Today some men killed another woman.” As much as this headline draws our attention to the seriousness of the problem of domestic violence in Turkey, it also paves the way for making the problem bigger. It creates a perception among women that they are under threat from all of the men in the country. And it is the same with doctors and patients. We will surely face greater problems if we always read these tragic stories instead of talking about how we can solve the problem.