‘Conservative art’ or ‘conservative content’

April 13, 2012, Friday/ 17:54:00

To answer the question whether there can be such a thing as “conservative art” or not, my answer is no, there can’t. Let’s look at literature.

 We know from [linguist Noam] Chomsky that every word uttered is a new one. As we have subscribed for a long time to the idea there’s nothing new under the sun, Chomsky’s argument may seem wrong at first. But let’s say you have just written exactly the same line of a poem originally written by Ottoman poet Ahmed Nedim. The line you wrote and the one Nedim wrote would still regarded as different lines because there would not be any similarity between the effect of your line today and that of Nedim’s during his time. Looking through this lens, you see that the line has changed now. So every word uttered is indeed a new word. But if you go and ask if there can be such a thing as conservative content in art or artwork, my answer is yes, there can.