Clutching at straws

June 15, 2012, Friday/ 18:16:00


For two weeks we have been heatedly debating the roadmap the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) proposed for the solution of the Kurdish issue.

I wouldn’t like to be a spoilsport, but doesn’t this roadmap sound a bit strange to you? I am talking about a commission that would be set up with members from all parliamentary parties that sit at the heart of the CHP’s proposal. When I first heard about the proposal, I thought to myself, “This is nothing but clutching at straws.” And then the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) stated that it would certainly stay away from the initiative. Now, I ask: Given the MHP’s strong refusal to join the team, is the CHP ready and determined to implement this roadmap in close cooperation with the ruling party? I observed this very closely: The CHP camp is taking pains to avoid this question. And this makes me wonder if this is all for show. Is the CHP trying to give the impression that it is taking initiatives in the Kurdish issue and derive electoral benefit from it, but actually doing nothing about the solution?