Can Dündar and ‘Mustafa’

November 12, 2008, Wednesday/ 17:49:00
I was finally able to watch the film "Mustafa." Let me just say this much: I did not like the film. I would like to write a few different columns analyzing it.
But the real reason I didn't like this movie was not due to stylistic or emotional reactions along the lines of things we have been hearing, such as "It made [Mustafa Kemal] Atatürk look short." As it is, I find this sort of criticism unfair and meaningless. My personal criticisms are based on more practical, objective reasons. I suppose, first and foremost, I did not understand the basic "mentality" guiding this film. Though I do know something about different ways of approaching cinema, it was impossible for me to even understand what approach was used in the filming of this work. It was neither a documentary nor an "art" film. In short, it was very difficult to understand what was even guiding it.