Attitude towards Christians in Turkey

April 11, 2012, Wednesday/ 17:01:00

Edirne’s governor on Sunday ordered the exclusion of Aleksandır Çıkırık, the pastor of a Bulgarian Orthodox church in Edirne, from a circle of officials holding hands as part of a gathering to attract attention to the deterioration of Edirne’s Selimiye Mosque.

And a group of angry young Turkish men broke into a church and attacked a Protestant pastor on Saturday. Sadly, Turkey might be the country where the paranoia against missionaries is observed the most. And being aware of this paranoia, people of the deep state have adopted a strategy of creating tension over the “threat of missionaries.” However, I am sure that many positive developments have been observed in Muslims’ approach to minorities. They have overcome alienation, but it seems there is still a phobia of Christians. I hope and expect them to fully overcome their prejudices against minority groups.