An opposition style

February 07, 2009, Saturday/ 15:52:00
Every conceivable sort of criticism and blame has been made already in the wake of the Davos outburst. Some of this criticism and blame came from the prime minister's sworn enemies, and that came as no surprise. But there is also a large faction of critics and blamers who are not part of this "sworn enemies" group, but who, while wanting to see the administration do good things, also constantly belittle every action, every move and carry on an "opposition style" without ever uttering a heartfelt bravo for things which have been done. But this is always the way it has been. For example, when the administration destroyed one of the biggest taboos we had and started broadcasts of Kurdish language television, some grabbed this as a pretext for a list of complaints. I believe that the primary reasons driving this stance of opposition are not political reasons but a series of psychological reasons. Some of our intellectuals have become so accustomed to giving directives, issuing cautionary warnings and showing the way forward -- all the while looking down from up on high -- that they are no longer able to simply express unconditional approval, without layering it with opposition.