An evaluation

April 29, 2012, Sunday/ 16:21:00

Our foreign policy indicates two opposing paths. One of these is Turkey's goal to enter the EU; the other is to become a regional power and -- perhaps not equally, but partially -- share the roles of the world's leading powers.

It is impossible for these two goals not to contradict with each other. If we become an EU country, we will have to open the doors to the Middle East and allow the EU to supply their energy needs from this region, which will contradict with the strategies of Russia and the US. Our second goal requires us to stay out of the EU, which would be supported by Russia and the US, because these two countries prefer Turkey to China and the EU being the leading powers in the region. This is the model that I have been arguing for: a seesaw on which the US is on one side and Russia is on the other, with Turkey as the pivot point. Our role is crucial here as without a pivot, there cannot be a balance.