Adopting duties based on nothing

February 27, 2012, Monday/ 17:14:00


All public officials have duties that are determined by law. At the same time, all people in the world have responsibilities or duties that are determined by traditions and moral values. And in some countries, both public officials and ordinary individuals adopt new duties that are not determined by any authority or source.

They merely decide these duties based on the states they are in. Coups and political interventions have been staged using this logic. There is no such thing as a “duty to stage coups”; the military only decides to do it when the state they are in requires them to do so. And a country’s main problem derives from this confusion: Who decides if the state a country is in requires a coup? This is why we need laws for everything: to have a constant decision-maker. Yet, there are still some things in life that the long arm of the law cannot reach. Let me give an example: A meddling woman on a bus warns a teenager listening to music that he should turn it off because they are passing by a cemetery and need to be respectful. Adopting duties based on nothing stems from the same faulty logic.