A Muslim Brotherhood world being established

June 19, 2012, Tuesday/ 17:13:00

Presidential elections have been held in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood has won the elections as Freedom and Justice Party’s candidate Mohammed Morsi claimed his victory.

Yet on the other hand, Egypt’s military council has granted itself broader powers over the government with a new ruling. The ruling, which provides the army with unlimited powers and ignores the president’s authority on military issues, has overshadowed the quest for freedom by Egyptians. Now, whoever has won or will win the elections, it is certain that an administrative tutelage will be established and military tutelage will have an influence over Egypt for a long time. Doesn’t this sound familiar? Think about Turkey’s quest for democracy, the struggles on the road to democracy and the military interventions. Remember how long this lasted and seems to be lasting for Turkey to be rid of the military tutelage for good. I am afraid we said that Arab countries should take Turkey as a role model, and now Egypt is on its way to becoming more like Turkey, but in a bad way.