2023 is very close

April 20, 2011, Wednesday/ 17:14:00


Perhaps, a ruling party in Turkey is for the first time making plans and preparing projects for decades to come, not just the upcoming legislative term.

The lion’s share of credit belongs to the current government if Turkey has indeed reached the point of planning for coming decades from a time when it was not even making plans for tomorrow. The future can only be planned by people who think big, and only people who think big can make plans for the future. No wind blows in favor of a ship without a destination. The target is 2023, which will mark the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Turkish Republic. That year has such an important meaning, and 100 years is not a short period of time. We are talking about a century. How have we come this far? Yes, this government has for the first time made plans for a further future, it has raised the bar. It took a very significant step to this effect, but 2023 is very close, we need plans for even further in the future.