TFF deputy chairman ‘pities’ Trabzon chairman

May 10, 2012, Thursday/ 17:09:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Turkish Football Federation (TFF) Deputy Chairman Ufuk Özerten has said he pities Trabzonspor Chairman Sadri Şener because he passes responsibility for his “personal failures” on to others.

 Özerten issued a statement titled “I pity Sadri Şener” on Wednesday to express his opinion about Şener, who had earlier lashed out at Özerten. Şener had previously said that he could not figure out Özerten’s attitude, claimed Özerten intends to retire from the TFF, where he has been working for about 12 years, and talked about the money Özerten made at the TFF. The Trabzonspor chairman also said his club would make an effort to oust the current football federation board due to its controversial decisions on a massive match-fixing scandal, which was exposed last summer following an investigation. According to Özerten, Şener has been mocking Turkish football and himself. “In fact I am not surprised by Sadri Şener’s recent attitude and behavior. … Before speaking about my last two months’ salary -- which I earned as a result of my labor and in accordance with the regulations -- on TV, Sadri should first look in the mirror and question his own past,” Özerten said in the statement.

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