Turkish forces kill five PKK terrorists in eastern Turkey

In an operation conducted by the Bingöl Provincial Gendarmerie Command, five Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorists, three of whom were women, were killed on Tuesday night. Acting on a tip-off, gendarmes conducted an operation in the Sancak region of Bingöl late on Tuesday night. A group of five PKK members were ordered to surrender; however, the group refused and opened fire. A clash erupted that led to the deaths of all five PKK members.

The gendarmerie unit then raided the area and found five Kalashnikovs, seven hand grenades, 17 ammunition clips, a pair of binoculars, two radiophones, cash and documents pertaining to the PKK. With this latest operation, the number of PKK members killed in Bingöl this year has increased to 38. The conflict with the PKK has claimed tens of thousands of lives and cost Turkey hundreds of billions of dollars. The group is labeled a terrorist organization by the European Union and the United States, which has supplied Predator drones to Turkey to assist in its fight in the rugged Southeast. Meanwhile, six PKK terrorists surrendered to police in southeastern Turkey on Tuesday. Six members of the terrorist PKK surrendered to security forces in the Silopi and Uludere districts of Şırnak province, the governor’s office said in a statement on Tuesday. One of the PKK members, who were all referred to a local court, is a woman.


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