Bağış: Turkey’s past ‘political sham’ cannot be imposed on Egypt

Turkish European Union Affairs Minister Egemen Bağış has slammed attempts by military »»

Turkish European Union Affairs Minister Egemen Bağış has slammed attempts by military rulers in Egypt to replicate the Turkish political model from decades past in which the military has wide-ranging power over civilian authorities, saying Turkey has buried this “political sham.”

“Since, Turkey is trying to heal the wounds of this tragic period with more democracy. It is preposterous that a past Turkey had buried, is proposed as a future on brotherly Egypt. A civilian government with a puppet image under the military's custodial rule is not the Turkish model. We utterly and categorically reject this slander. That political sham may have been an unfortunate imposition on Turkey, but is now dead and buried,” Bağış said in an article he penned for the Huffington Post on Tuesday.

Egypt's ruling generals are recently reported to be planning to copy the former Turkish model, retaining wide-ranging powers while allowing a civilian regime complete with the trappings of democracy to emerge.

Bağış referred to the Egyptian generals as “fiction writers” and acknowledged that “a sham called the ‘Custodian Democracy' had unfortunately ruled Turkey in the last few decades.” However, he said this “tragedy” ended with the election of his Justice and Development Party (AK Party) in 2002.

“That model means corruption, political assassinations, death squads, political polarization, looted banks, 110 percent inflation, and a closed-economy based on pillaging. If these fiction writers need a ‘model' for this sham, the correct term is not the Turkish, but the Baathist model. This is the model currently in charge in Damascus. This model won't last long, and certainly can not be imposed on Cairo,” the Turkish minister wrote.