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Several members of a mountain climbing club in the central province of Konya climbed »»

Several members of a mountain climbing club in the central province of Konya climbed the 3,444-meter-high Aydos Mountain over four days to commemorate the club’s second anniversary.

Akşam: “Instead of holding pens, these children hold guns,” said the headline of a first-page story, reporting that a 28-year-old terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) member who turned himself in to security forces last month has opened up about the strategies of the terrorist organization. “There are many child members. They are mostly recruited at 7 or 8 years old and are given ideological and political education. They start their weapons training between the ages of 11 and 15. They are prohibited from mingling with the local people in cities so that they won’t be discouraged [from working with the PKK],” the story quoted the man as saying.

Milliyet: “Five messages from Çankaya,” ran the headline of a front-page story on President Abdullah Gül’s messages delivered in a meeting with the parliamentary Constitutional Reconciliation Commission. Gül emphasized the ideas of “secularism,” “the consensus of all four parties represented in Parliament on the writing process of the constitution,” “the necessity for more discussions over a probable change in the administrative system,” “the necessity for an amendment to an article regarding specially authorized courts” and “a call for political leaders to be more careful about their expressions.”

Radikal: One of the front-page stories of the daily reported on an interview with Marxist academic David Harvey. He said that the current economic state and developments in Turkey remind him of the Spain of five years ago, when huge investments were being made in construction and road works. Yet, today Spain is suffering from a severe crisis and Harvey questions whether Turkey might face a fate similar to that of Spain. “I am not saying that it is definitely going to happen; but it is more dangerous not to be suspicious.”


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