Relationship between army and government

All that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been doing for the past five months [about the Uludere incident] is confirming what is untrue. So what is the truth?

Erdoğan doesn’t say. We expect an explanation of the incident, not denials that it was a well-covered unsolved murder or a complicated international plot. All we want are answers about who gave the order to attack, was the person who gave the order provided with false intelligence, and if so, who provided that intelligence? All these also point to a certain question of whether the incident was an accident or an intentional plot. The reason we haven’t received an answer to this is because of the government’s protection over the military. Both parties have avoided making a move that would put the other in a difficult position. But this is not the way it should to be, the military is still supposed to be under the order and control of the government.