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When sandwiched between bread, everything takes on a whole new flavor. But imagine »»

When sandwiched between bread, everything takes on a whole new flavor. But imagine wrapping the ingredients you usually try with bread in delicate layers of yufka, the phyllo pastry used to make all sorts of treats in Turkey.

Yufka Dürüm İşleri has been serving customers since 1980 in İstanbul’s Nişantaşı quarter, but its fame has really spread throughout the city. This eatery, which now has outlets in Ataşehir and Şaşkınbakkal, is the perfect pit-stop for those in pursuit of something quick and tasty to eat on the run. If you love to grab a quick bite but wary of unhealthy fast food restaurants, head straight for Yufka Dürüm İşleri!

The concept at Yufka Dürüm İşleri is unique; most people have never eaten yufka in this form before. First, it’s rare to find such delicate, thinly rolled yufka. Then there are the flavors and the ingredients. Some of the tastes offered in combination with this mouth-watering yufka are meat/mushrooms, chicken, vegetables, herbs and cheese, hotdogs, broccoli, chicken kebab, basil and ground beef, and so on. What really tops these special tastes are the homemade sauces: You can choose from beet, olives or a special “open up the flavors” sauce to go with your filled yufka. I am not usually a big fan of sauces in general, but I was won over here.

Yufka Dürüm İşleri is categorized as a “fast food place” because of its speedy service. You get your food 15 minutes after placing your order. The grilled meats are ready in just three minutes.

Yufka Dürüm İşleri is the product of owners Serkan Yeşilkaya, Bekir Ege, Mustafa Esenkal and Ali Bahadır Yeşil. It scores high on all fronts -- from taste and ambience to hygiene. Yeşilkaya says their “fast food” is closer in taste to what most customers’ mothers may have made at home. He also notes that with 18 yufka dürüm options, the restaurant will soon open outlets in some larger shopping centers in İstanbul, with plans afoot to open in Rome and New York.

In the meantime, the most popular combination of yufka and fillings at the restaurant is the delicious meat/mushroom yufka. The second most popular dish is the chicken kebab yufka. There are many vegetarian options, such as the herbed cheese yufka, or the broccoli and vegetable yufka. Make sure you grab a lemonade with whatever you end up ordering. The Şaşkınbakkal restaurant serves up to 25 people, and is both cozy and chic. Service is from 10:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. There is no parking lot available.

One of my favorite things about the restaurant is the special boxes the yufka dürüm are served in. Meat yufka dürüm come in red boxes, chicken in yellow boxes and vegetarian in green. Desserts come in orange boxes. If you order a takeaway from home, it arrives in a special insulated carry bag. You might consider ordering these yufka dürüms for a special occasion, or perhaps when heading off to a sports match.


Meat yufka dürüm: TL 9.50

Meat-mushroom yufka dürüm: TL 10

Chicken-mushroom yufka dürüm: TL 9

Kebab yufka dürüm: TL 12

Kebab köfte/chicken kebab

yufka dürüm: TL 9

Yufka burger/tuna fish

yufka dürüm: TL 9.50

Chicken and vegetables

yufka dürüm: TL 9

Herbed cheese/broccoli

egetable yufka dürüm: TL 8

Hellim cheese-vegetables

yufka dürüm: TL 9.50

Basil and ground beef yufka dürüm: TL 9

Hamburger/spinach and chicken: TL 8.50

Mushrooms and soya meat: TL 8

Bigburger: TL 12

Nutella and banana yufka dürüm: TL 8.50

Fresh fruit juices: TL 5-7.50

Cold drinks: TL 3-3.50

Don’t try to resist!

Yufka Dürüm İşleri

Kazım Özalp Sok. No 15/C

Şaşkınbakkal, Caddebostan, İstanbul

Tel.: 0 (216) 356 00 10

Ihlamur Nişantaşı Yolu Sok. No. 2/4

Nişantaşı, İstanbul

(20 meters from Işık Lisesi)

Tel.: 0 (212) 241 50 50



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