Thick fog causes disruption, flight delays in İstanbul

Thick fog causes disruption, flight delays in İstanbul

November 23, 2009, Monday/ 16:20:00
Dense fog has badly affected İstanbul and nearby cities over the past two days, causing flight delays and traffic accidents.The fog caused many road accidents on Friday and Saturday night in İstanbul and adversely affected shipping in the area. Ships were forced to anchor in the Marmara Sea, and the Dardanelles Strait was closed to passing traffic on Saturday. The Anatolia news agency reported that 91 Turkish flagged and foreign ships had to stop due to poor visibility and re-route to Tekirdağ on the coast for the night. Seventy-nine ships continued on their way the following morning but 12 vessels waited for the fog to disperse completely.

Ferries were cancelled on Saturday in İstanbul but were able to resume journeys on Sunday morning after the fog lifted from the Bosporus strait allowing shipping to continue. Officials from the meteorological office stated that the foggy weather would continue on Monday and Tuesday and warned citizens to be careful, especially while driving.

Airline passengers faced difficulties in İstanbul as they waited for delayed flights. Turkish Airlines (THY) informed its passengers about the delays and cancelations, asking them to check their flight status before traveling to the airport. Private airline companies continued their flights despite delays causing THY passengers to complain to their airline.

The General Directorate of Meteorology issued a written statement concerning flight delays, saying, “Due to thick fog at İstanbul Atatürk Airport, the range of visibility has been drastically reduced, and some flights have been delayed for this reason.” Some flights were cancelled on Saturday in Atatürk airport due to the fog, and some were also delayed on Sunday because of the increased flight program stemming from delays on Saturday.

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