17 April 2014, Thursday
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Despite all medical efforts, a pregnant Muslim woman who was attacked by two Islamophobic men in the Paris suburb of Argenteuil on Thursday suffered a miscarriage and lost her baby, her lawyer said on Tuesday. ">

Pregnant Muslim woman attacked in Paris loses baby

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18 June 2013, Tuesday /FERHAN KÖSEOĞLU, PARIS
Despite all medical efforts, a pregnant Muslim woman who was attacked by two Islamophobic men in the Paris suburb of Argenteuil on Thursday suffered a miscarriage and lost her baby, her lawyer said on Tuesday.

The 21-year-old Muslim woman, who was four months pregnant, was physically attacked by two men. The attackers first tried taking her headscarf off and later cut off her hair and tore part of her clothing. After she screamed out that she was pregnant, one of the attackers started kicking her in the stomach.

She was taken to Argenteuil hospital where she underwent treatment for injuries.

Daily Mail reported that the police said that the men had shouted racist insults at the woman, saying that the veil was no longer acceptable in France.

“Her husband called me this this afternoon. She lost the baby,” the lawyer told AFP news agency. He added that the family were devastated by the tragedy and would not be making any further comment.

French police officer involved in the investigation confirmed to AFP that she lost her baby.

The prosecutor for Pointoise, Yves Jannier, also said the woman had been kicked in the hip before she managed to flee.

In a related incident, another Muslim woman wearing a headscarf was also attacked three weeks ago in the same region of Paris.

This is a tragedy, what did this poor Woman and her unborn child do to these awful men. They can't be human! May they rot in hell, idiots!!:@ I swear if it was a jew or a Christian the whole media would write about it and the whole world would knew about it, but of course the whole western are islam...
Its not something new french people are very inpolite people i have been there few times and dont want to even use airport of france when going faraway because they are sow arregant how hard is it to talk some other language than france if your working in a cafeteria in airport. hotel servise sucks....
Truly awful. Can you imagine how we would react to men in Saudi (for example) attacking a pregnant Western woman for not covering up her hair, shouting racist insults, cutting off her hair - and making her lose her baby? The mirror is an ugly thing. One thing I notice among all cultures is that vi...
Of course it's awful, but hold your horses: Is it even certain that there was any motivation behind it?
I'm sorry that this unborn baby had to pay the ultimate price. These men chose to hate and go onto beat the crap out of a pregnant woman because she is a muslim. I can see that the French government do not have a problem with islamophobia, after all they do promote it via their policies but do t...
shame on france you promote freedom to expose naked breasts in tunisia , but take away the rights of a women to cover , with this action you have opened the door to more racial attacks like this one ,shame on france for its democracy is nothing more than a lie
frances shame
Ladies in France beware! Don't by accident cover your head! Don't wear wigs! Don't wear hats! Don't pass by in any windy place where papers or cloth might fly by accident and cover your head or face! Don't keep long hairs because by accident a wind might blow and cover your face! Don't comb your hai...
It is unethical and barbaric for such acts to be in what we have been seeing as Developed country.
What an amazing idea, for all of you who are not sympathetic about the miscarried baby because he would've turned out to be another Muslim anyway! Let's not keep it to this one story, let's make this brilliant idea a big picture one. Let's go around kicking in the stomach of any pregnant woman who l...
It’s really very sad incident. Are such people used to do the same with Christian nuns in France, who also cover their heads with headscarf? None of the religion prohibits wearing headscarf. So French Govt. should take a very serious notice of such disgusting acts and should punish such culprits s...
Why should we fight about the headscarf of this victim? This is a shame, wheather she's christian, atheist,jewish or whatever. This is sick, and NO ONE have the right to do this!! Wake up people, were is the world going traugh? We have to help each other so please stop this argument and have some re...
I am sure the media will not call it as an act of terrorism.. This is how the media plays safely and classify things. Sick of the double standard set by media and western nations towards muslims. If France is to ban the headscarfs then they should start with nuns and other people. How dare are you p...
Doesn't seem like the officials tried to prevent the same incident from happening nor they care much about it -_- I mean, after three weeks how come the people (most likely the same people) who are responsible for this barbaric action is still not under arrest? I'm sure that the mega-media are avoid...
mr scott khan, i understand that you are muslim, i hear the "bikini" argument all the time, it is not a case of indecency vs moral. A bikini you may not like it for moral reason which is fine but the face veil has to do with identification. You cannot see a person's face and I have not problem with ...
I'm fighting for the rights against slavery! WOMEN SHOULD NOT COVER THEIR HEADS! They should be released from slavery by not covering their heads! Covering of heads for women is slavery! FRENCH GOVERNMENT SHOULD BAN WOMEN FROM COVERING THEIR HEADS BY ANY MEANS!!! WEARING OF HATS BY WONEN SHOULD BE B...
Any type of violence carried out against anyone of any religion is wrong. I am sad that this women was treated in this way. It is sad to see this. There is obviously a large Islamophobic around the world. But, people that locate to western countries must also learn to assimilate to those countries a...
Bora Altan
The easiest way to solve this issue of Islamophobia in France is to challenge all religions equally as far as the head scarf issue is concerned the least; If muslim women who choose to wear the scarf are discourged to wear a modest dress in a society that encourages women to go topless or wear bikin...
scott kahn
I am so uttterly disgusted that i can even put in words! They call themselves a civilised nation, wat can b a more barbaric attack than this ....
this is not about religion or ethnicity anymore.. this is a blasphemy to human rights.. seriously, attacking a PREGNANT WOMAN is a MAJOR CRIME! and its an insult to HUMAN RIGHTS!. you have fall in to the deepest shithole of the world. sucks to be you
BelieverOfUnity says: 25% of the world population are Muslims. About 2 billion approximately. France should ban Muslims from entering their country. They should not conduct businesses with Muslim countries or Muslim persons. They should not call themselves liberal democrats! They should not buy oils...
And they say that it's Muslims who are aggresive toward Europeans... Insha'Allah the woman will be given another chance to have a baby, peace be upon her. I could understand attacking a suspiciously looking man, but an innocent, pregnant woman? It's a terrible crime, to me it's a murder.
ASSALAMO ALAIKOM WARAHMATULLAHI WA BARAKAATUHU..To all my sister in Paris..you make Dua and be patient..In Sha Allah..Allah will help you Allah be with you..you are the lucky person because you can say something in the Day of Qiyyamah..
johaiber manding
hmmm well ther goes my trip to paris , its shocking to hear how people who are and are not muslims behave in the world today , in all religons and culture's am sure it says " dont harm others and repect them " why can we all get along???
shame on France they freedom wear bikini but not head head scarf , what kind a freedom is it
@John Smith... there is no mention in the actual article that this was a "racist attack" it just states that "the men had shouted racist insults at the woman, saying that the veil was no longer acceptable in France." So therefore not only was she attacked because of her religion but also become of ...
Princeza B
25% of the world population are Muslims. About 2 billion approximately. France should ban Muslims from entering their country. They should not conduct businesses with Muslim countries or Muslim persons. They should not call themselves liberal democrats! They should not buy oils from Muslim countries...
If France cannot tolerate how a woman dresses. Then it should not be called a cultured country. They should not conduct fashion shows of women cat walking! They should not dictate how a woman should dress! They have no rights to call themselves a civilized country! They should not be too sensitive t...
They don't surprise us anymore. The only thing the media is giving surprises to the public especially to non Muslims are that when a terrorist attacks occur and reported and found out to be done by a nonmuslims! The public are shocked that it was not a Muslim! It's some deranged marine guy! Then aga...
I believe if u check for a definition in the Oxford or Webster dictionary for a terrorist, they will describe it as a person having long thick beard with a turban on their head and a green head band with some Semitic scribbling probably of Arabic origin. They will further elaborate the description o...
Then how does the media knows when they say a terrorist attack and refer them to Muslims. Reporting in the early days, media always states that a Muslim terrorist had bombed or killed innocent victims. Then upon investigation found out that a mentally deranged army guy had killed the innocent victim...
These are cowards who attack innocent women. These are real terrorists as define by the west. Don't have to look anywhere just look in your own backyard. Same for any people whether they are Muslims or non Muslims who attacked on innocent women and ppl. But to treat differently on the attackers just...
Funny how sky news and BBC news dont show this while when a christian dies by a muslim (woolwich)its all over the world...thats media for you
I agree with Jazeems comment about keeping calm. I am not a muslim, but i have many friends who are. I respect everyone for who you are, not your race, religion, gender etc. I find the actions of anyone who wants to hurt another as disgusting, and the last thing we want to do is drop to the same le...
The real mad man who don't know what's does life means and they 've to be punished as maximally as the law may be implemented to the guys in jail !
Fauzi Alkaff
absolutely disgusting, so the women practices a different religion to you, covers up her modesty and thats how she is treated because idiots like you fear the unknown, and you murdered her baby who had not even set a tiny step into this world. I'm just happy the baby is in jannah and won't suffer in...
I am Christian and I find this absolutely horrific and shocking. May God bring peace to their souls. I fail to understand this cruel nature in humanity. The media is definitely responsible, not to mention ignorant and uneducated minds. I pray for that family and anyone else who goes through this. If...
shame shame now where is human rights???????????
I hope the French Government is internationally embarrassed by this, and it's a wake up call for them and that those men get charged for murder and assault. I hope Allah swt gives her many more babies inshallah amin
lana jaie
I am so sad to hear of this horrific crime. But we can't paint all french with the same brush. On the other hand, the coverage is reflective of the bias towards muslims.
I sincerely hope these men are caught and charged with murder among other things. Child rapists and murderers don't generally survive very long in prison.
This is really an inhuman brutall act by these beasts and islamophobists which cant be accepted in any religion and in any civilised community whosoever whether dominence of any racism is at its peak.
mudasir hassan
It's a Shame it doesn't make it to the international news. May Allah make it easier on the mother and her family to deal with this and hope it makes them stronger.
Time to resort to active self-defense. Do not go anywhere without a mahram...hikmah of Rasullulah SAAWS! Do we now see how important it is to ask permission to go out especially in this day and time? Asking permission does not reduce your status as an intelligent informed woman but it allows a secon...
It Is Shamefull for All non Muslims.
what is this
That's disgusting. I frankly hold the media who portray Muslims as terrorists partially responsible for fostering the terroristic attitudes of those who commit these sorts of hate crimes against Muslims. @Indian: "well! if muslims are treated like this...wont they bomb you guys ???" My response: ...
This is France which is called the Place of Beauty and Peace. All of their people are Islamophobic
@raeesa: Long way to go, not only in Europe. Unfortunately thousands of imams all over the world still justify terrorist attacks and praise suicide murders and authorities name places and streets after them.
If a similar incident happened in the United States, you could rest assured that the media will continually cover it for months on end. What cowards! What pieces of filth! So now you have proved you are men! Flexing your muscles on a helpless woman and kicking her in the stomach to kill her baby! Af...
If that pregnant person was of their belief, and was attacked by Muslim men, they would have been in jail and beaten up. But because it was a Muslim woman who was following the teachings of what God and even Jesus taught. Even Mary, the mother of Jesus was never shown without a head scarf or half na...
this is such a sad, sad thing; because it is an attack on humanity by judgmental and hateful people who are misinformed and soaking in their own hate. to respond to this article by saying that christians are also persecuted is unfortunately missing the point that a life was taken. christians, cathol...
This is not just a case of a few anti-Islamic bigots acting on their on, in an abstract vacuum. These douchebags, these murderers, are products and parts and parcel of a much greater, deliberate, and well-organized anti-Islamic trend, concocted and cultivated by countries like Israel, Germany, and ...
vatansever gurbetci
How crude, ignorant, stupid, cowardly those attackers are.perhaps they have nothing better to do with their lives , that is why they are feestering hate and resentment to a minority .perhaps they should educate themselves ,so they can be tollerant to other human beings
Why there is no media out cry if this had happened with a Christian lady then the media would have break the hell out of this.
Thousands of People are converting. Islam is spreading: See Face book page: West is accepting Islam.
This is terrible. Really bad but why attack the WHOLE France as a nation. Americans have worse cases. The UK too. I think intolerance is a world wide problem. Not just France.
It is an absolute tragedy that people are so intolerant of others due to IGNORANCE.Islamophobists should be punished in the same light as terrorists are.These men should be punished for the MURDER of an innocent baby
If Virgin Mary appears wearing a veil on all of her pictures, how come the two Islamophobic men hate and cannot accept this Muslim woman wearing a headscarf ?
This is LITMUS TEST for occidental voices -- to prove how much humane they really are --- So, lets see is there any nuetral chunk of media in the West which could cover this brutal incident as BREAKING NEWS .. for atlest few minutes --- Lets see !!
well! if muslims are treated like this...wont they bomb you guys ???
What kind of beasty attitude is this!! French people are so uncivilizaed? I didn't know that!! shame on those who did this!! People should start respecting religion rather than trying to impose their religion on others!! SHAME!!
sawda meher
Uncivilised people or we should call animals are better then them .Its clear terrorisum
What a savage act against a defenceless woman and her unborn baby. Unfortunately bigots like this exist in every country. However statistically a woman is far safer in France than in Turkey.
Scott Damen
Jhon smith good to know that you can think if its a racist attack or not. It was a racist and and and religious attack because she was muslim. Jhon smith dont play with words we dont need your fake sympathy
In Germany Muslim immigrants are involved in 5 times as many violent crimes as the national average. Many of the vicitims are regular Christians.
It took 2 French men to attack a single women who was pregnant!! What a "Brave" nation!
Mujib Tariq
FERHAN KÖSEOĞLU, what did police say about criminals? are they still at large? Are their any signs of a nationwide manhunt?
This is the reality of the so called civilized world. They are the champions of human rights, gender equality, women's rights, but for others only in order use such words to destabilize those countries.
Zakir Hussain
What a horrifying thing, I hope they throw the book at those scumbags. P.S. she didn't 'lose' her baby, its life was stolen by those murderers.
what a group of spineless cowards. I think the best way for women to protect themselves from attackers regardless of their race is learn to properly use a gun and keep it in their purse. This way, when some spineless piece of shit like these two attackers do anything, they get shot. As they do no...
What are the names of these criminals, and what charges will be laid against them?
Don't hate on anyone except the brutes that committed this horrible Crime. They are to blame not the french or anyone else these two men will be brought to judgement. Hopefully sooner rather then later. Blaming these kind of things on religion is ridiculous because at the end of the day we are respo...
Justina Green
WHY!? I really hope they catch the idiots for they are idiots anyone that harms another for any reason other then true self defense are a harm to everyone. My condolences to the family from a family in Canada
Justina Green
They call Muslims with various names extremist and not being moderate what are the west. They are nothing but animals themselves.
Hate crime are increasing and the authorities doing less to prevent it against Muslims in France, England and unfortunately here at home in America. Attacks from many Government officials these days against Islam and Muslims. These verbal attacks are the ones promoting the hate crimes. We do not eve...
Sofian Zakkout
What is this world coming to? This is by far the most dispicable thing I heard coming out of that beautiful city.
Hairy Bee in DC
this is not a new thing ...muslim women are being attacked all over the world Syria Palestine. burma and when Muslims try to stand up for themselves or the right to practice religious freedom..or ever the basic human rights .....they are called terrorists. When a Muslim commits a crime ,,, this...
Vicious attacks such as these are proof of the manifestation of offensive and inaccurate stereotypes and prejudice. This is a hate crime, and the men responsible for the assault of this woman, and murder of her unborn child are to be tried and convicted as such-- murderers and assaulters. What a dis...
Natalia Murray
ya Allah :'( this is so sad and painful, make my tears run.....ya Allah give our sister and her family sabr Aameen
Anyone who thinks this was OK because she's Muslim needs to get their head checked. This is an innocent woman, an innocent baby, not a Taliban terrorist FFS. Learn the difference between them!
Meaghan Edwards
May Allah SWT give the sister and her family the strength to move forward. Ameen. Insha'Allah those guys will be caught. If they don't get the punishment in this Duniya they for sure will get punished on the Day of Judgement when they have to face Allah SWT and tell HIM why they committed this horri...
Fellow Muslim
Im saddened by this attack not because the woman is muslim but because it is a crime. Hate crime is unacceptable regardless on who its bestowed upon. . . And that poor infant child who had yet been born and diluted with religion and knew no god suffered because of a persons rightful choice to displa...
Its disgusting and barbaric that innocent women and babies are being attacked n murdered. Those two men deserve life time jail sentence and to be charged for murder. Attacking the weak what rotten cowards
It hurts deeply to loses your unborn baby .. no matter in what kinda circumstances. :(
Eliana Christope
People from all faith needs to learn to respect each other. There is no non-muslim or muslim everyones human and belongs to God in gods eyes.If you show hate towards people you will get hate in return.If anyones to blame for this is religious fanatics preaching hate around the world trying to divid...
Donna Khan
who cares its muslims lets move on now eh? this happens everyday, i dont have words left..i dont wanna curse you or talk to you =, just let allah guide you.
Who cares?
Life as we know it will alway be as good as humans make it. Events like this calls for justice. For those people muslim or non-muslims, the law should be the law. As far as islamic history goes when women are attacked the law takes it more seriously. In such event blood money / equal punichements we...
Branden Hays
this is europe. this is real europe.
I hope they get cancer or aids and die! Paris has always been racist!
Being judgemental is not good, criminals,thugs and terroris belong to the human race and not to judiasm,moslem or christians.We should never bring religion into criminal or terrorist acts. yehuda
yehuda ahmad
@jazeem: Muslims come in all forms and shapes. I’m not the forgiving type. If I were there I would have killed those French bastards many times over. So help me God!
Even in America this would carry a murder charge because of the death of an unborn child. Additional charges would be assault and battery, plus attempted murder on the woman. Let us see what turkey can do, remembering that both France and Turkey are NATO members.
This is such sad news and a very very sad display humans and society. Take away the race....at the end of the day, two men attacked an innocent pregnant woman. They caused her to lose her baby....that should be manslaughter of some sort. I hope they get caught and justice is given to this family.
The Turkish immigrants in Europe and involved in 5 times as many violent crimes as the regular European. 45% of the prison cells are occupied by Muslims. But it is just that we never read about it in Turkish press. Why? Because the victims are Christian?
what humanity we have in this world. i hope they die soon. respekt for evryone!!!
the only way to stop them is jihaad may ALLAH BLEEES HER with all of us Ameeen
Awful, absolutely tragic. I'm just wondering how it's a racist attack? Muslim is not a race.
John Smith
This is a despicable crime, and the criminals of all kinds should definitely be punished to the fullest extend of the law. Having said this, one must also admit the fact that Islamophobia is not unique only to France, but seems to be somewhat common even in predominantly Muslim countries among secul...
That is sick and considered a crime punished by hanging or capital punishment in the Middle East. those culprit are looking for support of people who bring hatred and racism agenda. and they will be caught.
you see these non-Muslims terrorists attacked an innocent Muslim woman for no reason. if same incidence was made by any Muslim,the whole world Islamic hostile force would attack on that people calling them terrorists. this is double standard and double face of European,American's and united nation ...
france, the country that is the laughingstock of a democracy that can't ensure protection of religious freedoms.
Most racist attacks are by groups of men on women and/or children.If men are the victims it is usually one man attacked by many. It shows the dark side of humans. I hope someone helped this woman and did not just look away. In Woolwich three women bravely helped the man who was hacked to death.I hop...
Disgraceful and truly shocking ! How come we don't hear about this on the news! Biased media as usual only want the public to see a one sided view...
May Allah give her patience, its not easy losing a child. and Allah will SURELY Gather everyone and the criminals will get what they earned. So grieve not coz Allah is the most just and it is his punishment which is the painful punishment.
I am a Christian and I totally condemn this cowardly, racist attack against this young woman and her unborn baby. I hope those responsible are caught quickly and brought to justice. My prayers are with this woman and her husband.
Hilda Orr
"In sha Allah" how much you hate us we will grow double.
Dear Muslim brothers, who commented starting a MDL and all. Our beloved prophet(PBUH) was attacked many a times by non beleivers at that time and what he did for all those personal attack was to keep calm and forgive them. So lets follow the path of our prophet and work for a good future here and in...
What a horrible, unprovoked attack on a defenceless woman and murder of a baby. {To God we belong and to Him we return.} France's law and the government will as always pass inadequate ruling which will be no compensation. Muslims must be more careful, and men should be with their wives as far as pos...
Way this is happen There are lot of french women in the different countries every one want to give the space, but way the muslims are undercover way . This massege is all the muslims across the world come together, we will fight aganist this, We will show them what we are May Allah Bless her,
Bilal Ahmad jaffery
No one 'loses' a baby after being attacked. In any other circumstance, to any other woman, this would be considered Murder. These men should be put to trial for murder.
Think about it ppl ! If we as muslims won't do anytng abt dis ! It will carry on today it happend to dis muslim sister ! Tomorrow it can be ur sister or wife or any other muslim sister ! Itz high time for us as muslims 2 take a step againts like these mens ! Let us all tweet , or Broadcast or on fac...
Its height of Barbarism,,,,you people are living in stone age,,,,law of jungle is there,,,
Its a terrible tragedy against a human-being by another. I completely agree with Colin by condemning this cowardly attack on a pregnant lady as I denounce the recent act of brutality by killing a British soldier. All fair-minded people must unite their voices against any kind of violence against inn...
Arzoo Khan
The attackers need to tracked down and be beheaded in a swift justice without a trial. If a similar incident took place recently then why wasn't there any police presence in the area. Sorry sister to hear of this tragic case may Allah give you his support and duas.
sheikh hameed
What can happen next , these people will be made to account to their lord on the day of judgement, Qiyamah , may God grant these parents al Shifa to ease their suffering Ameen x
wttt hack was dat may allah gives them hedaya
Hatred sows hatred, and when I read Yusuf's comment that's all I see: Hatred and ugly desires for revenge. Is that what Islam teaches you? Shame on you! May Allah show you the right path.
For the West, the problem is not Islam; it is the Western problem of Islam.
I would say that crime does not have a surname.All crimes are crimes. against who does not make a crime different from another. Sometimes we lose it but it turns around and hits us in the back of the head.So let us all agree that the identity of the victim does not matter.
Seriously. This was ialamaphobic racism. End of.and I don't need to hear from men call Ali etcetera how t his is caused by the wests treatment of women. I am such so you will allow me that, at least. MEN do bad things to women. And they will find ANY excuse. End. Of.
Simply disgusting.
Tahir Shah. You write that there are no ethical values in the West. But then why are Turkish immigrants living in Germany involved in 5 times as many violent crimes than the national average? And why is violence against women more common in Muslim countries than in Western ones?
This is so sad a loss of an unborn baby just because freedom of religion not allowed. I blame the French government for they are the cause of zenophobia against Muslims
What happened to the attackers? Did the get away with murder?
Khalid Al Shammari
The killing of a British soldier recently was a cowardly attack and Muslim or non Muslim should denounce this brutality. In the same way all fair minded people should also condemn this heartless attack on a pregnant lady.
Too much hatred in the world, and it's getting worse-not better.
Louise, when it comes to hatred against religion, France is at a different level.
Ferhat B
fairness. You develop prejudies against France because of this? What do you then develop when Muslim men gang raped a 15 year old Swedish girl last week? All crimes are wrong and should be condemned.
The are not Islamophobics. They are anti-Islam. They are haters of Islam. France has a religion of its own; it is laicism. France anti Islam is ideological. The attack on the woman sho how cowardic those men are.
There are no ethical values in the West, specially in the case of women. They treat women as if they are slaves and animals. They just use them as a pleasuring tool. Islam give women their due right and that is the reason these people show their islamophobic behaviour every now and then.
Tahir Shah
murder charges should be laid against both men.
This is the "laicite" they want to impose on Turks too.
are attacks against muslims going to be more common in the times to come we have to ask our selves how safe are we really very sad to hear may Allah help you and your family whatever good comes your way it is from Allah and whatever hardships comes your way it is also from Allah remember that Allah ...
@fairness Don't let this sort of thing give you prejudices about the French, surely we can all see that it is people's unfounded prejudices that cause this kind of attack. Only a small number of French people will be violent Islamophobics, just as a very very tiny number of Muslims will be fanatics....
May they rot in hell...come back to life...rot again...come back to life...rot again...cvome back to life...rot again....
Here come some questions: Will those two men be arrested? If so, what kind of punishment will they get? My prejudices about French are increasingly confirmed after this incident.
@Peter Breeveld Peter, are you suffering from attention disorder? Please read the article again! If you still do not get it, please seek medical help.
it is so obvious!!!!!
Peter Breeveld
Peter Breeveld, use your God-given brain. Your question is akin to two men giving a Jewish woman a Nazi salute before punching her in the face and then questioning if they were really antisemitic or not. It's not rocket science although I know it seems like it to some of you. The identity of a Musl...
very disgusting and truly very despicable! such attacks are growing out to be very common think its time to make a mdl (Muslim defence league)
wow just so sad reading this man, how could any man do this to another women?? what if that was his sister, his mother or his wife!!
How are you so sure these men were islamophobic ?
Peter Breeveld
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